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因为反应热烈,饺子皇后👑💃决定全年供应我们的粽子! ✌️✌️也为了使还没购买的顾客试一试,凡消费RM60以上,将免费享有一粒我们自家包裹的粽子!粽子会自动加到购物车里哦!🎁🛒

🎈 饺子皇后馅料满满的大鲜肉粽 🎈

🍚 糯米 Sticky Rice
🦐 虾米 Dried Shrimps
🍄 香菇 Mushrooms
🎈 红豆 Red beans
☘️ 粽叶 Bamboo leaves
🟤 栗子 Dried Chestnut
🥚 咸蛋黄 Salted Egg Yolk
🐷 五花肉 Marinated Pork Belly

🌿 家传独特秘方 Grandma Untold Recipe
🌿 统纯手工制作 Homemade/handmade
🌿 福建粽粒口味正宗 Hokkien Iconic Local Bak Chang
🌿 货真价实 Original and Authentic
🌿 精选上等糯米 Premium Glutinous Rice
🌿 高级食材 Premium Ingredients
🌿 香浓馥郁 Flavourful
🌿 馅料呼之欲出 Rich and Savoury Fillings
🌿 五花肉馅肥瘦相间 Juicy & Tender Pork Belly
🌿 咸甜适中 Amazing Taste
🌿 无任何化学添加 Free of Preservatives
🌿 健康卫生 Healthy & Hygienic


Because of the overwhelming responses, Dumpling Queen👸 decided to serve our Bak Chang throughout the whole year! 🤘🤘

In order for customers who haven't bought it yet a try, spend now RM60+ and you can take home a homemade Bak Chang for free!! Bak Chang will be added to the shopping cart automatically! 🛒🎁

🎈Order now through our website or contact our customer service to get your free Bak Chang today !

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