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我们 #饺子皇后 用心精致准备的每一个手工 #饺子 🥟,黄金 #豆腐卜 🐷和我们 #海鲜皇后 的 #老虎虾🦐 是每个对生活充满激情和活力的朋友一定要尝试的哦!☀️🏖


The desire for a satisfying meal inspires by not only the mouthwatering and sumptuous food itself but also a deep sense of Contentment and Passion for life!

Our handcrafted with Love 💜 and careful preparation Dumpling Queens Dumplings 🥟 🥟🥟, Taufu Pok 🐷🐷🐷 and newly launched Seafood Queens Tiger Prawns 🦐🦐🦐 will walk you through a wonderful journey that a part of your brain will crave for more this kind experience.🌈

Whilst tantalising your adventurous taste bud, our foods will fuel you with the true happiness inside. 😍

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