Happy Day ! Purchase above RM 80 FREE 1 pack of 3 colours masks + 1 Mystery Gift . FREE DELIVERY above RM 200 !快乐和平凡最重要 !消费满 RM 80 赠送 1包 3 色口罩 + 一份神秘礼物 购满 RM200 免邮 !



炸饺子的味道要丰富一点,特别是我们饺子皇后💃👑做工精致的特制正宗东北饺子, 终极诱惑就在于在它香脆的金黄外壳🥟之下藏着的是一份鲜嫩多汁的馅肉惊喜,咬一口有爆浆的感觉💥! 吸引力超强!!!😍

If you don't know why it’s taken you years to deep fry a dumpling, NOW it’s the TIME!

It’s such a treat!! Wrapper gets all crispy but still retains it’s characteristic chewiness! The texture is amazing.

Our Dumpling Queens PREMIUM QUALITY MEAT 🐷🐔,VEGETABLES🥬and PRAWNS 🦐 fillings make it all taste that much more luxurious! Delicate yet Savoury! 😋

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