Happy Day ! Purchase above RM 80 FREE 1 pack of 3 colours masks + 1 Mystery Gift . FREE DELIVERY above RM 200 !快乐和平凡最重要 !消费满 RM 80 赠送 1包 3 色口罩 + 一份神秘礼物 购满 RM200 免邮 !


直到遇见你,才真正享受到饺子的精致、可口!圆圆大大颗的饺子🥟🥟🥟沾上 #饺子皇后💃🌸独配秘方辣椒油🌶🌶🌶 和 黑醋,热辣辣、香喷喷,有嚼劲,满满的馅料,Mmmmm……….好赞!😋😋😋


Whether you're a Meat🥩 Lover or Vegetarian🌿, we are sure you love our Dumplings🥟. The delicious fillings of minced Pork🐷 o r Chicken🐓 o r Vegetables 🥬 savor your mouth 👄 like no other and is a testimony to how diversifying dumplings can be. 🌻

We #DumplingQueens Promise, Each Time, You Can Expect a Whole New Delicacy! 💚🧡💜

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