Happy Day ! Purchase above RM 80 FREE 1 pack of 3 colours masks + 1 Mystery Gift . FREE DELIVERY above RM 200 !快乐和平凡最重要 !消费满 RM 80 赠送 1包 3 色口罩 + 一份神秘礼物 购满 RM200 免邮 !

铝箔冷藏保鲜袋 终于落地了!

等了1个月的船运🛳, 铝箔冷藏保鲜袋隔热保冷, 绿色环保无污染🌿, 能起到好几小时的保冷效果,终于落地了!🇲🇾

🚗 ❄️饺子皇后保温箱 + 保温袋全程冷藏汽车发货!


After a month of waiting, the Aluminium Foil Insulated Thermal Cooler bag that is durable, non-toxic, odourless and eco-friendly and can keep the Frozen Dumplings cold for hours has finally arrived ! 🤟

We assure that the Dumplings 🥟will still be frozen when arriving at your Door step! 🏡Please remember to immediately keep them in your freezer after receiving ! 

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