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新鲜乡村绝无仅有富士山竹 Freshly Picked SPECIAL FUJI Mangosteen From Farm to Table ~ FMSF

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新鲜乡村绝无仅有富士山竹 Freshly Picked SPECIAL FUJI  Mangosteen From Farm to Table ~ FMSF


🌸‼️ 最美味的热带水果非山竹莫属~ 👸Queen of Fruits❗️Food of the Gods. Need us say MORE?

稀奇‼️罕有‼️珍贵‼️独特 ‼️ 100 %  天然‼️没有防腐剂‼️  营养价值丰富的❣️富士山竹❣️,你吃过了吗?一年只有两个季节哦!还剩下一个月的收成季节,它将会满足你对水果的一切遐想 ...人生那么短暂,每一口,都会被这贵族水果惊艳到!

富士山竹 SPECIAL FUJI  Mangosteen 

更多汁,更香甜,更嫩滑 ,Smoother ,  more juicy ,and sweeter ...

如同其颜色般,「水果皇后」紫色的梦幻色彩💜与幸运财富🍀、贵族华贵💎相关联,是身份地位的象征!它充满了神秘冷艳、给人出身高贵,血统纯正高雅的感觉!山竹因为种植时间长达8~10年,收成又小,一般只在5~7月份是旺季☀️, 因此是名副其实的贵族果品哦! 👑

因为山竹与榴梿一凉一热,与「水果之王」榴梿一起被称作夫妻果👫!吃完榴梿后,吃上一两个山竹,山竹的凉性可以降榴梿的火气!因此我们特地做了一个专属的 ❣️皇冠 = 果王+果后❣️ 配套哦!

富有弹性的梦幻高雅紫色💜外壳之下隐藏着晶莹剔透的白色高贵珍珠⚪️,新鲜高质量的果肉,萼片瓣数多,核少,肉多,酸酸甜甜,异常爽口 !保证个个新鲜味道甜,不仅营养美味,还具有降噪、清凉解热的作用!最适合在这样燥热的天气享受了!🌻😋

吃是非常疗愈的一件事情🧘‍♀️!马上就感受人世间美好的稀有山竹吧!季节只剩下1个月哦!🔥 Time is ticking before the season is over…Taste the tropics now right at home 🏡.

Delicious, juicy and brimming with multiple health benefits.

💜 富含蛋白质和脂类,对女性机体有很好的补养作用。
Regulating menstrual cycle in women.
💜 羟基柠檬酸能抑制脂肪合成、抑制食欲,降低体重
High on fibre, free of cholesterol, 0 saturated fat. Aid in weight loss.
💜 山酮素则能抗氧化、消除氧自由基的活性,保护心血管系统。
Rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. Regulates Blood Pressure & Boosts Heart Health.

Have you ever tried the Pure, 100% NATURAL, Hormone-Free Fuji Mangosteen 🗻❓❗️

Fuji Mangosteen is an all-natural, hormone-free fruit and is a rare and exotic fruit that holds tremendous amounts of antioxidants and other phytonutrients.   🤞Our mangosteen is picked at its prime, and then quickly packed to preserve its freshness. ⏰ ONLY 2 seasons per year! Now its the harvest time till August..counting down ..⏳

Unlike some other varieties, our fruit offers a sweet-tart tropical flavour with notes of something fruity (lychee, peach, strawberry or pineapple...something you'll remember), and hints of caramel or butter! 🤤 The Fuji Mangosteen tastes unlike anything else on earth!🌍🪐

The pulpy fruit is back in the season with all its glory. Go gorge on these tangy delights while making most of these nutritional and health benefits. Load up on the wondrous food now! Enjoy the

Q . U . E . E . N . S .

   K  . I  . N . G . S

👑 Throne Package👑
❣️ King of Fruits  +  Queen of Fruits❣️

当个高贵可爱的小皇后!Be the Glorious Queen Today with Purple Mangosteen.

Best Paired with KING of FRUITS - DURIANS !!!

安全留守,我们把新鲜直接从果园摘下的山竹送到你家 ~

Stay safe * freshly picked from our Farm Trees!

After received order, 2-3 days to deliver .

单价-3.3 公斤,大概40粒左右 ~  Unit price for 3 .3 kg = 40 pcs+/-


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