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老虎虾鲜活生冻 Fresh Whole Frozen Tiger King Prawns - HOSO ~ TP

RM 38.00

老虎虾鲜活生冻 Fresh Whole Frozen Tiger King Prawns - HOSO ~ TP


100 %  Seawater or Saltwater with Probiotics Culture System Farming
100% 海水养殖 或 咸水益生菌养殖

Seawater farming along the coastal region
Mission = feeding the world through constant supplies of seafoods (major protein sources) especially shrimp

🎈HACCP , MeSTI & GMP 认证 Regconition

卫生局,良好生产规范证 Certified by Ministry  of Health (MOH)
卫生,安全和高质量认证 Meets requirements of hygiene, safety and high quality.

It is sold raw.


Delicate  •  Exquisite  •  Healthy   •  Safe  •  Pure  •  Delectable
No antibiotic, pesticide,  additives  • ONLY Probiotics
新鲜 • 健康 • 营养 • 益生菌 • 无抗生激素 • 无农药 • 肉质韧劲


暂时只提供巴生谷一带, 不包含槟城和怡保。

净重 ± 500克

  • ✓15 指的是有15只
  • ✓8 指的是有8只

品牌 : Seafood Queens

产品状态 :  冰鲜/冰冻

Only available in Klang Valley at the moment. Not applicable to Penang and Ipoh yet. 

Weight ± 500gm

  • ✓15 refer to 15 pieces
  • ✓8  refer to 8 pieces

Brand : Seafood Queens
Product Condition: chilled/frozen seafood

我们的老虎虾 Our Tiger Prawn

老虎虾 Tiger Prawn

🌊来自 Manjung, Marina Island, Selayang, Pahang 自家超过200公顷的养殖池采用100%海水养殖。
Form Our own 200 acres 100% Saltwater Prawn Farms in Manjung, Marina Island, Selayang and Pahang.   

捕捞 • 清洗  •速冻
Harvest  •  Clean  •  Freeze

❄️ 速冻保存最新鲜的肉质!
Immediate freeze for the freshness of the Prawns.

☘️ 在马来西亚中西部一带,我们是其中主导养殖黑虎虾的佼佼者。

We are pioneer in farming Black Tiger Prawns in the Central West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia supplying live harvest Prawns to the local hospitality industry.

🦐 产品包括活冻黑虎虾和冷冻熟黑虎虾,工厂一天生产量可达到3公吨。

We specialise in producing quality and customised orders, ranging from live frozen black tiger to fresh chilled live cooked prawns. Currently our factory is capable of processing 3 MT per day.

☘️ 每年生产超过1200公吨,出口到美国,加拿大,中国,欧洲和亚洲。我们挑选良心供应商提供高旦白质的养虾饲料,确保虾的品质优良. 

We produce more than 1200 tonnes of Premium Quality Black Tiger Prawns per year mostly export to USA, CANADA, CHINA, EUROPE and SOUTH EAST ASIA.

☘️ 赞誉
被 HACCP ,  MeSTI &  GMP承认。冷冻厂生产程序按照HACCP,达到卫生,安全和高质量的要求,还有马来西亚卫生局,良好生产规范的认证。

Safety Recognition with Certifications. By  HACCP,  MeSTI  &  GMP.

🎈益生菌 - ONLY Probiotics Given
新鲜 - Fresh
🎈健康 - Healthy
🎈高营养 - Nutritious
🎈富含蛋白质 - High Protein  
🎈富含虾青素 - Rich in Astaxanthin
🎈多种微量元素 - Rich in Trace Elements  

🎈肉嫩-  Delicate
🎈精致 - Exquisite
🎈鲜甘甜 -   Sweet and Juicy  
🎈肉质紧实 - Crunchy, Firm, Crisp Texture
🎈口感鲜美 - Delectable
🎈精心挑选 - Selective
🎈虾体硕大通透  -  Huge Transparnet Body

🎈安全 - Safe
🎈纯正 - Pure
🎈高品质 - Premium Quality
🎈自家原产地咸水养殖场 - Own Sea Water Prawn Farms

🎈无污染     - No Pollution
🎈无肥料     - Free of Pesticide
🎈无添加     - Free of Additives
🎈无抗生素 - Free of Antibiotic
🎈无防腐剂 - Free of Preservatives
🎈无生长激素 -  Free of Growth Hormone

🎈适合全家大小 - Suitable for entire Families
🎈适合多种烹饪方式 - 煎,烤,蒸,煮 Suitable for multiple cooking methods -frying, roasting, steaming, boiling.

付款方式 Payment Method 

我们提供多种付款方式,除了银行转账外,你也可以通过快捷的扫二维码付款 (MayBank QRPAY, TnG eWallet, 和微信支付)。

We provide a variety of payment methods. In addition to Manbank transfer, you can also pay by QR code (MayBank QRPAY, TnG eWallet and WeChat Pay).

运送/自取 Delivery / Self-Collection

***   雪隆区 (目前只提供老虎虾) Klang Valley  (For Tiger Prawns ONLY)  ***

🚚 我们使用LalaMove 来送货, 运费是RM1.00/Km
We are using Lalamove to deliver our product! Delivery cost is RM1.00/KM.

🌸 单笔消费满  RM300 免运费。 Free delivery above RM 300.