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🌿 紫色梦幻纯手工紫薯包 Purple Power Purple Sweet Potatoes Bao (预定、Pre-Order) (6pcs)~ BY

RM 16.90

纯手工特色甜包 🧁  Pure Exceptional Handmade Dessert Buns

在这个不缺吃,不缺喝,美食遍天下的年代❗ 其实我们缺的不是味道,是健康与安全 ! 新鲜家庭式手工制作零添加剂健康紫薯包,轻微的奶香加上紫薯特有的味道,细腻柔滑的口感~ 香甜可口 ~ 超级好吃,大大的惊喜!绝对值得你拥有 ~

主要特点: 纯手工制做,自家炒的紫薯馅,绝不添加任何防腐剂、色素和添加剂,全都是真材实料!

   🌱 饺子皇后纯天然精致素食紫薯包 🌱
Premium Gorgeously Sinful Purple Sweet Potatoes Bao

The wickedly runny Homemade Yam Paste Bao is the most Indulgent Cozy Dessert TO SAVE FOR LAST ~

👵🏻 家传独特秘方  Grandma Untold Recipe
🏡 传统手工制作  Traditional Handmade
🌱 100%纯天然 Natural
🌿 100% 精致健康素食  Fine Healthy Vegetarian

💭 精选上等食材  Premium Ingredients
💭 真材实料  Original and Authentic
💭 馅料呼之欲出  Savoury Fillings
💭 包子皮松软有弹性  Soft & Chewy Skin
💭 高值营养  Nutritious & Healthy Properties
💭 不甜不腻  Amazing Balanced Flavours  
💭 养生美颜  Maintain Youthful, Glowing & Radiant Skin
💭 健康卫生  Healthy & Hygienic
💭 无添加防腐剂  Free of Preservatives
💭 无添加色素  Free of Artificial Colouring & Flavours
💭 适合全家大小  Suitable for Whole Families
💭 保证回购  Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Dumpling Queens Purple Sweet Potatoes  - Infused bun is super moist and feathery as it wraps around a hot oozing purple sweet potatoes custard that’s exquisitely gritty. 🥧

Enjoying the fresh handmade Taro Yam Bao is the guilty pleasure 😇 that we all know all of us embrace completely ! As soon as you break the Bao open and the thick velvety yam comes gushing out, you’ll know exactly what we mean! It’s just so incredibly worth it. 💃🕺

Soft and fluffy buns are light to the touch and bite, almost melting in your mouth. Have them fresh out of the steamer ! The most luxurious way to finish a hearty mea! 🎈🌻

 🧘‍♀️🌱🌸 今天就开启紫色浪漫 •之旅  ! Start your D . R . E . A . M . Y . Journey with us now & discover a Whole New World ! 💭🪐

预购 (Pre-order)

  • 1包 = 6个
  • 1 Pack 6 Pcs 

面包皮以紫薯制作,配搭紫薯内陷完美搭配你怎么能够错过呢 !!!

Purple Sweet Potatoes Skin with Purple sweet Potatoes Filling .. Prefect Match !!!