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黄金碱水粽 🌻 Golden Alkaline Dumplings (Zòng zi) ~ BC3

RM 3.00

金黄色的碱水粽子,现在有钱也买不到了!Nostalgic Golden Alkaline Dumplings !

糯清香,金黄Q弹, 配上椰糖浆,简直是人间美味!🌈🧡

👵🏻阿嬷的秘方 | Grandma Untold Secret

端午吃粽子渊源流长, 现在的粽子五花八门,各种馅料都有,饺子皇后💃🥟还是最喜欢小时候的味道 ~ 🌱枧水粽,也叫碱水粽,是广东的一种传统粽子!简单得只需一种食材(糯米), 蒸煮好的翠绿粽叶,依旧绿油油🌿~这全是天然碱形成的!

🌼 淡黄色的粽子,饱满圆润,软糯清香,金黄Q弹,端着碗🥣,筷子插着透亮的粽子🥢,蘸一下椰糖浆🥥或蜂蜜🍯,咬一口粽子……追溯着记忆里熟悉的味道🏡,感受是出奇的美好!碱水粽也可以放冰凉吃哦!

🌼 我们也推出了另一款自己熬制的红豆馅碱水粽,满满的红豆馅料,加上香兰叶☘️的清香,真是无法言喻的香甜,颜色也是特别漂亮,金黄中带些红色~

还等什么?端午节就近在眉睫! 💃🕺

🌼 材料:糯米,碱水,植物油,(红豆)

🌼 煮法:水蒸10分钟之后开盖,放凉就可以吃,也可以吃热粽子,软软糯糯,清香味美。吃粽子的时候,蘸一下椰糖浆或蜂蜜,更香甜!

Alkaline water dumplings, also known as Kee Chang (碱水粽/枧水粽) are made using glutinous rice with alkaline water added. Alkaline water gives the dumplings a slightly astringent flavour and changes the colour to a shiny light yellow which is the characteristic of an alkaline water dumpling.

We offer both Plain and Adzuki Bean Alkaline Dumplings~ They are amongst the most basic rice dumplings made during the Dragon Boat Festival. 🐉⛵️

With our Special Hearty homemade Red Bean Paste cooked in Pandan Knots 🌱, each of these sweet dumpling is no ordinary Kee Chang! Served unwrapped either plain or with our special Palm Sugar + Coconut Paste 🥥 or even honey 🐝, you will never look back!!!

Nevertheless, wrapping each individual dumpling meticulously and cooking👩‍🍳them for hours certainly make these sweet and gooey dumplings a labour of love so be sure to ENJOY!!!🌈

🌼 Ingredients: Glutinous rice, Alkaline water, Oil, Homemade Red Bean Paste

🌼 Cooking method: Steam for 10 minutes and ready to serve.

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